Discrediting Vendors In Online Criminal Markets

Over the past few years, researchers have described the constant growth of a complex virtual criminal underworld in which personal and financial data is bought and sold (Holt and Lampke 2010; Franklin et al. 2007; Thomas and Martin 2006). Hundreds if not thousands of vendors compete at any point in time to sell Visa, MasterCard and American Express numbers, very often at a low rate. Yet, the economic impact of these markets can be measured in billions of dollars (Anderson et al. 2013). This chapter discusses how law enforcement agencies have targeted and investigated this criminal underground. While a traditional investigate-then-arrest methodology has been the method of choice of these agencies, researchers (Mell 2012; Motoyama et al. 2011) have argued that law enforcement agencies should move to a disruption model in order to increase their efficiency and increase the impact of the operations. This study seeks to understand the formation of trust of ties and business ties to enhance our ability to launch disruption attack on the criminal underground. We find that even small disruption operations may have an important impact on the activity of the offenders involved in the theft and resale of stolen financial information.

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