Sabrina Vidal

Masters student, forensic science and information option (2014-2016): Shake And Bake: Analyse des recettes de méthamphétamine retrouvée sur Internet

The production of methamphetamine which is an addictive central nervous system stimulant that act by releasing dopamine has risen over the past decade. The drug is synthesized in clandestine laboratories in which improper handling of chemicals can lead to explosions, fire and other public health and security threats. Production of methamphetamine has been studied with data from court judgments and interviews with methamphetamine producers. These previous work has failed to detail the steps used to synthesize the drug.
Thus, this work will provide more information on methamphetamine production by analyzing the recipe found on the Internet which is data often forgotten by criminologists. This research is done by collecting recipes online using key words like: meth recipe, meth, shake and bake, speed recipe, meth synthesis. An analyzing grid is used on these recipes following qualitative methodology. The recipe collected were analyzed regarding American and Canadian laws in order to find out if the recipes were modified after the implementation of a law.
Knowing how methamphetamine is produced will help the evaluation of the governments’ prevention strategies and will guide the suggestion of strategies that are more suited. Also, the evolution of the recipe shows the criminals’ adaptation to new laws. This research shows the producer of methamphetamine’s interest towards the law and towards the tweaking of their recipe.

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