Éric Légaré

Masters Student, forensic science and information option (2016-2018): L’impact des technologies d’anonymat sur les conflits impliquant des vendeurs dans les marchés de drogues

This research aims at understanding the impact of anonymity technologies on conflicts regarding drug vendors. Data comes from an online survey hosted on Tor answered by dealers, ages 18 and older, that sold drugs on cryptomarkets in the past twelve months. Results are mixed. It seems like more serious victimisations, like armed threats and physical attacks, happen more frequently in traditional offline drug dealing. The same can be said about deceptive transactions, where the quality or the quantity of the drug is less than advertised. Yet, thefts and theft attempts of over 500 $ and unarmed threats are more frequent when the transactions happen online. Additionally, drug vendors who sell amphetamine suffer significantly more conflicts than those who do not.

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