Partenariats criminels au sein d’un forum de carding: alliés, rivaux ou escrocs? Étude de l’utilisation d’identités virtuelles multiples

Important quantities of stolen financial information can be sold or bought at low cost on online carding markets. These markets might pose a serious threat to financial institutions and victims. However, the risk might be less important than expected since the members of these communities are regularly victimized by their peers. The aim of this research is to evaluate the stability of these markets by focussing on the level of deception in a carding forum. This paper presents a method to detect participants who are using several virtual identities (user accounts) to deceipt the others. The utilization pattern of the different accounts assigned to a same person were analyzed. The presented approach is also discussed on a forensic perspective, which is specifically relevant to interpret links among several user accounts assigned to the same person.

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