CRI6906 – Séminaire d’intégration I

This seminar will be the first meeting forum between Montreal and criminologists forensiciens Lausanne. It will aim primarily to prepare students for writing their master's thesis. To do this, we will study the basics of formation of scientific knowledge: crises and scientific revolutions. We will see how the successive crises led to the creation of a scientific corpus around five major themes is the genesis of delinquent behavior, offenders trajectories delinquencies systems, criminal intelligence and criminal justice system. In each case, the contribution of criminology and forensic science will be put forward in equal parts. The knowledge acquired at the seminar will feed students in their preparation of draft memory.

École de criminologie, Faculté des arts et sciences, Université de Montréal


Number of credits
1.5 credits


2017 Fall (14 étudiants)
2016 Fall (20 étudiants)
2015 Fall (18 students)
2014 Fall (22 students)

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