Lightning up the darkweb

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The internet is often presented as a virtual setting where the disinhibition for deviant behavior and the sense of impunity is high in offenders. This is all truer for the darknet, the sub-section of the internet where all communications between Internet users and servers hosting websites are encrypted. This encryption makes it possible to anonymize the communications and to make it difficult to locate Internet users and active servers on the darknet. Several studies have partially indexed darknet-hosted websites in order to better understand the proportion of illegal content actually present on the darknet. These studies have shown that a significant proportion of darknet-hosted websites distribute or facilitate the distribution of child pornography, illicit drugs, computer hacking tools and stolen personal and financial data. The purpose of this presentation is to build on this past research by performing a much more important monitoring of websites hosted on the darknet. This activity allowed us to increase the proportion of darknet websites studied and to better understand their content. This presentation will also aim to map the links between the various websites hosted on the darknet using network analysis techniques. These analyzes aim to understand the structure, cohesion and presence of key players in this network of websites.

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