With a Strong Bubble Gum Taste: Becoming a Successful Cocaine Vendor on Darknet Markets

Offenders are now known to converge to online illicit marketplaces to share their tools and techniques but also to buy and sell illicit goods and services. On these marketplaces, transactions are anonymous which creates many uncertainties for market participants. This talk assesses the importance of trust for the criminal achievement of online offenders. Using a complete scrape of the largest darknet marketplace, we show how successful online vendors manage to appear trustworthy and thus build up their sales volume. To ensure vendors and listings can be easily compared to one another, we focus on one type of product: cocaine. Yet, the results presented can easily be extended to other products sold on these markets. Through our analysis, we find that very few vendors end up making any sales. We also find that trust can be built through three vectors: vendors’ past activities, self-presentation and community integration. Community integration is based on the centrality of vendors as well as their proximity to other actors. Through statistical models, we show which factors can significantly help a vendor become trusted in the community and thus successful. This talk will help the audience assess what it takes to become a successful vendor on online illicit markets.

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