Guess Who? Enablers Behind A Web Of Internet Sites Linked To The Hells Angels

In this Internet era, websites are increasingly used to promote criminal organizations such as outlaw motorcycle gangs and street gangs. In addition to advertising and selling products online, these organizations use this legitimate online presence for fundraising, coordination of activities and discussions. Although it is increasingly easy to build websites and blogs, these entities must rely on skilled facilitators to protect their identity from the police and competitors. Part of these facilitators’ job is to register domain names and their official owner in the online Whois database. Using a snowball sample of websites, we created a network of hyperlinks between the official Hells Angels MC World page and their partner businesses and chapters. The Whois database paired with social network analysis has generated a wealth of information on the faciliators used by the Hells Angels to ensure their online presence including personal characteristics and their localisation. This presentation is a thorough analysis detailing how the flow of information on the Internet can assess resource sharing and collaboration between different legitimate or illegitimate entities of criminal organizations.

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