BitCluster: the Bitcoin De-Anonymizer

Offenders have had, for the past 7 years, access to a virtual currency that has vastly improved the anonymity with which they can extort money from victims and collect payments for the illicit goods and services they sell. Called bitcoins, this virtual currency allows for the transfer of funds from and to anywhere in the world with no need to register to any central authority. While the identity of bitcoin owners is obfuscated, the movemement of bitcoins is not as all bitcoin transactions are published live on the internet. This presentation will seek to understand how offenders use bitcoins by analyzing the flow of bitcoins using the BitCluster software tool. This tool was released in 2016 and identifies bitcoin wallets that belong to the same entities. Through it, it is possible to follow the bitcoin movements and to track offenders’ illicit activities. This tool will be applied both to extortion schemes and to the online sale of illicit goods and services. Through it, we will demonstrate the size and scope of offenders’ activities that have not mastered this method of payment.

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