Are Drugs Users Loyal Customers? Repeat Business Between Dyads Of Drug Vendors And Drug Users

Illicit drug markets are known to be very competitive settings where many criminal groups strive to earn a share of the total sales of drugs. These markets have a very low barrier to entry meaning that new groups continually enter the markets while others cease their activities due to law enforcement or pressure from competitors. In this context, drug users are likely to have access to many different drug dealers who will be competing for their business. Drug users may be forced to change their dealer if he/she goes out of business, but may also decide to try a new dealer even when their regular supplier is still available. The aim of this paper is to evaluate the loyalty of illicit drug users towards their dealer. To do so, we will use data collected on cryptomarkets, second-generation illicit markets that specialize in the sale of drugs online. For each drug user, the number of transactions will be divided by the number of drug dealers they purchase from. A multivariate model will also be used to predict the characteristics associated with higher levels of loyalty among drug dealers.

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